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Peace is the newest offering from J. Jordan Homes! Peace

will leverage J. Jordan’s existing framework as well as their vast network of tradesmen, manufacturers, and suppliers to offer complete home care including maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, and improvements. Our ground-up understanding of everything that goes into a home enables us to partner with you through all aspects of the complicated journey of ownership.


We are offering to coordinate any and all of the regularly scheduled maintenance, advise and deliver on home improvement projects, make recommendations regarding investments into the home, and preserve a watchful eye over the entire property, particularly when homeowners are away

for an extended period.


Please call Peace today to discuss ways that we can serve you

as a homeowner!

DJ Laux


DJ Laux has been involved with J. Jordan Homes since he was in middle school. As the son of our founder, he has been around the homebuilding and care space for most of his life. After studying finance and management at Marquette University, DJ worked for 5 years as a business strategy consultant. Now, he employs his talents at J. Jordan running the Peace division.

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